Saturday, 24 March 2018


Eve of your wedding day:


Items to prepare:
  • Hair combing
  • Table mirror
  • New pajamas and slippers
  • Dragon and phoenix candle (龙凤烛)


  • Bride and Groom to each be seated in front of the small table mirror, dressed in the new pajamas and slippers.
  • To light the candles at the same time on both bride and groom’s side.
  • Three strokes to combing of hair, and say the following line by line after each strokes.
       First comb to comb till the end
       Second comb to bring love and respect till old age
       Third comb to bring lots of children and grandchildren
  • After the combing, glutinous rice balls has to be eaten which symbolize sweetness and togetherness.
 Traditional customaries has been passed down since thousands of year, bringing true meanings of happiness, prosperity, fortune, well wishes and togetherness,
for not only the couples, but for both families.