Saturday, 24 March 2018
  Our customers’ feedback of being pleased and satisfied with our service gives us tremendous pride and pleasure.   

My wedding was held in 25th Dec 2011.Initally I had a private wedding planner. However the planner was not professional with his job and could no longer cooperate with him. I was honored that my wedding package was with Style Bridal and Beauty. I was very blessed to have known Eileen Chan with her years in wedding planning service and her professionalism in handling my whole wedding. She takes passion, pride and responsibility in her work. She helped to solve my wedding matters promptly and efficiently. She would overseas every aspect of my wedding such as gown fitting, make up and many other areas. Her other team members such as Jerine, Hwa Wen, Tommy, Jess and Joey also played important role in their own professional job scope for my wedding.

Style Bridal and beauty is truly #1 in every aspect for wedding services which they provide. Right from the start, Style Bridal and Beauty impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the excellent results for my wedding. Style Bridal and beauty team is highly recommended for their efficiency, consistency, responsibility and delivered customers expectation..... Peiling & Ronald


A very BIG thank you to the Style Bridal team!

Eileen: The motherly feeling that she portrays made me feel “a Mother will do her very BEST for her daughter's wedding!” Indeed, she is. She saw me through everything, from logistic, to make up, to gown selection, to studio and outdoor shoots, to actual day, to ….. too exhaustive to name all.

Joey: She picked THE gowns and tailored my dresses!

Hua Wen: A super pro photographer! Without his jokes, I wonder if I could still smile at the 6th hour of studio shooting and under the HOT sun in Bintan.

Jess: She’s so sweet! Always helping my hubby to wipe off his never-stopping perspiration and touch up the make up for countless times.

Jerine: Helped us to take care of the appointments and the logistics. Always a phone call before the appointment. That’s very important for busy couples!

Team: Also, a thank you to all who have helped us in preparing our Big Day.

Style Bridal may not be the only One Stop Service bridal shop but she is definitely one which does not only take care of our Needs but our Wants and beyond!..... Ying Ying & Andy